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Land Buying Tips

Make wise and confident purchases by
following these land buying tips.

Whether you are looking at land to build your dream home on, or you’d like to invest, there are some key factors to consider when purchasing single and multiple blocks or acreage. View our top land buying tips below to help point you in the right direction.

Lion Land Marketing Principal Klaus Ferck shares his insights from his 30+ years working in land sales.

  1. Start off with a location in mind and know your budget – talk to your lending specialist about how much you can borrow so you don’t start looking outside your price range.
  2. Browse online and drive around your preferred suburbs to see what’s available (see our current land lots available for sale – link) and compare the offerings.
  3. Look at what is nearby – are there similar style and value properties to what you hope to use the land for? Are there plans for upgrades to the area or possibly any changes i.e. new roads or motorways going in that could change the value of your land?
  4. Look at how the land is set out – is it steep, is it rocky or full of clay? Is it an odd shaped block?
  5. Check that the area is zoned for what you want to do with the land – check with your local council.
  6. Consider how your property will sit on the land – get your builder to have a look at your preferred land options and they can let you know what’s possible.
  7. Once you’ve found the land you definitely want to purchase and you’re comfortable with all elements and options, secure the land as soon as possible before someone else buys it. (Normally, if you purchase through Lion Land Sales you’ll just need $1000 deposit to take the land off the market).

If reading the above list makes you feel a little hesitant in buying land, don’t worry it doesn’t have to be difficult! You just need to partner with a land agent who knows what to look for and what to look out for to make sure you are completely comfortable and confident in your purchase.

When you buy land with Lion Land Marketing we go through all these factors and more to ensure we find the perfect piece of land to suit your goals.

Having worked in land sales for over 30 years, our team knows a good deal when we see it and can also see a dodgy block a mile away – but we also know when you can land a bargain and take what is seemingly a terrible block of land and make it a masterpiece. Make sure you get the right information and confidently purchase the best block for you by partnering with Lion.

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