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Government Grants

While you conduct research into finding your ideal parcel of land, do some extra research to see if any of the government grants apply to your situation.

A great start to get into your new first home:

If you’re in the market for your first property you may be eligible for the Great Start Grant provided by the Queensland Government. This is an initiative to help first homeowners to get their new first home* sooner. If you qualify, you can receive $15,000 towards buying or building your new house, unit or townhouse (valued at less than $750,000). The scope of the grant includes buying off the plan or building yourself giving you a great opportunity to get started in the Queensland property market.

How a $15,000 Great Start Grant can help you

If you’re considering applying for the Great Start Grant, consider these benefits:

  • If you’re thinking of buying or building a new home, this could be what gets you started
  • It could get you something more than you were expecting
  • It can get you into your first home sooner

Note: The Great Start Grant is administered under the First Home Owner Grant Act 2000.

*What is a New Home?

For the purpose of the Great Start Grant applications, a new home is a house, apartment, unit or townhouse that:

  • Has not been previously occupied as a place of residence
  • Has not been previously sold as a place of residence, or
  • Is a substantially renovated home (completed by the vendor in limited circumstances)

Lion Land Marketing would love to partner with you to find the perfect parcel of land to build your first home. While we can help you navigate the land sales market, in order to find out how to apply and if you qualify for the Great Start Grant we recommend you click here to visit their website.

Not a first homeowner? Here are some other useful resources to review:

Information on this page is a general guide only and is accurate as of 5th May 2016 using information gathered from various government and housing websites. For the latest information, regulations and requirements we recommend you visit the relevant government website.

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