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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Land

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Land

 If you’re struggling to attract buyers for your quality land in South East Queensland, you may be taking the wrong approach. As land marketing specialists for over 30 years, we’ve seen all kinds of strategies for selling land – we’ve seen some terrible mistakes and great initiatives.

Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid and our recommendations to sell your land faster and for a better price.

Mistake #1 – Using a Real Estate Agent who specialises in selling homes.

Selling land is vastly different to selling a house or apartment. When it comes to house or apartment sales you would use a real estate agent. However, when selling land, not just any real estate agent will be able to help you effectively. You need to think about using a specialist land marketing firm such as Lion Land Marketing.

Equally, using multiple agents isn’t recommended as it only confuses the buyers and they tend to play one agent against the other again, possibly resulting in a lower selling price. Learn from the large developers they have many years experience in selling land.

If you subdivide land – which includes splitter blocks – then you are a developer. Larger developers use specialised land marketing companies, or they have their own specially trained sales team. They don’t use local agents because they are not land specialists and tend to work for the buyer not the sellers best interest. They focus on a quick sale and don’t consider the best price for you. Local agents are more interested in selling houses because they receive a higher commission compared to selling land.

This is where Lion Land Marketing comes in. We work with you to sell your land professionally and aim to get you the best price in the shortest amount of time.

Mistake #2 – Using Price Gimmicks

You should think like a larger developer – they don’t use auctions or gimmicky advertising, such as:

  • Offers over $
  • Price by negotiation
  • For sale (in the space were the price should go)
  • Price upon application

These gimmicks will not work in your favour. Advertisements like this will most likely achieve a lower selling price. Be proud of your price – as long as it is comparable with the market trends at the time.

Mistake #3 – Advertising only in 1 place

When it comes to selling, your land needs to be exposed to everyone who may be interested in it. This includes display home sales teams, builders who work with investors, and first-time homeowners. Having only one advertisement placed online will likely lengthen your selling period and result in a lower selling price or lower profit.

Mistake #4 – Poor presentation

The land you are selling needs to be very well presented. If the grass is too long, weeds are present or there is rubbish scattered across the land it will turn potential buyers off, costing you the opportunity of a sale. You also need professional looking ‘For Sale’ signs designed by a graphic artist that best represent your offering and provide key details.  Once again you should think like a large developer and present your offering in a professional manner as they do.

Best Practice for Land Sales

Principal of Lion Land Marketing, Klaus Ferck, has been working with land developers, builders and land sellers since 1986. Lion Land Marketing are the experts in listing and selling residential and acreage land in South East Queensland and over this time Lion Land Marketing has developed a special land marketing program, which is far more advanced than any other real estate agent’s advertising.

Our website,, is one of the country’s most advanced sites for land sales with high profile builders and marketers utilising our site for their customers’ needs. This puts Lion Land Marketing listings in front of first homebuyers, families wanting to build, retirees looking to downsize and investors. In addition to the large volume of traffic browsing our website, we also connect with prospective buyers through our large database,, Domain, plus eight other websites.

We present the land to investors to build an investment property using our database of investors. We also present all land listings to:

  • Residential builders
  • Display home sales teams
  • Investment marketing companies
  • Builders who specialise in building investment properties
  • Marketers who work with first home buyers
  • Our exceptional large database of over 1,000 professionals are updated weekly with all our land listings.

When you decide to sell your land, it may be a single block or a land subdivision of two to 100 blocks. Exposing this land to the right people is simple, list your land with Lion Land Marketing and we will do the work for you.

Mistake #5 – Not using our marketing program in its entirety

The Lion Land Marketing program has been developed over 30 years and is regularly updated to suit the latest advertising media and market trends. While each of our tactics is strategic and purpose-driven, the strength of our service lies in the layered combination of our marketing and presentation of your land. This approach enables faster sales at the highest possible price.

With experience in numerous land exchanges and an outstanding track record in residential and acreage land, Lion Land Marketing has become a highly sought-after team for profitable and efficient land sales. When you’re looking to sell land sooner and at the best market price, Lion Land Marketing is your perfect partner.

Contact Klaus NOW to discuss your Project and how we can help you.