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What You Need to Know before Buying and Developing Land for Sale in QLD

So you’ve purchased a piece of land for sale in Queensland and you’re planning to develop it soon. Good for you, since Queensland is one of the fastest growing states in the country. Even better if the land is located within or around Brisbane, a city which has one of the strongest economies.

Before you get too excited about transforming you newly-bought parcel, there are a few things you must remember. While you definitely own the land, you can’t just construct any property on it at will. There are planning and zoning codes implemented by your local council that you must follow. These codes are meant to ensure that the land development meets the following conditions:

  1. It leads to positive economic changes in the community.
  2. It preserves if not improve the community’s social state.
  3. It doesn’t cause environmental damage.
  4. It goes with the visions of the local community.

According to the Planning Act 2016, a land developer must lodge an application if the development project is deemed assessable. That’s not enough though because you also have to take into account your local government’s existing development plan. Here are some land development cases where lodging an application is necessary.

  • Partially or fully demolishing an existing structure
  • Vertically or horizontally extending an existing structure
  • Constructing a free-standing permanent structure
  • Cutting native shrubs or trees
  • Partially or fully renovating or transforming a heritage place
  • Changing the original use of the land

A land development application may not be required if you are only making minor changes on the property. Examples of these changes are simple interior or exterior wall repainting, kitchen or bathroom remodelling, and minor internal structural renovation. To put it simply, land developments that will not negatively impact the neighbourhood as well as the whole community do not require a special permit.

Buying Based on Purpose

To avoid any setbacks to your land development plan, consider looking for land for sale in QLD based on your desired purpose for it, not the other way around. That way, you can choose the land for sale that suits your specific development needs. It also helps you identify and prepare in advance the documents needed to legally carry out any alterations.

Queensland is a big place. You need a highly experienced real estate agent to help you locate the perfect property. Choose a company like Lion Land Marketing that’s well-versed in Queensland’s real estate market. Not only do they know the ins and outs of land buying, but they also know which part of the state or city you’re eyeing to move to has parcels that closely match your criteria. They can help you with the paperwork, too.