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Welcome to Lion Land Marketing, where you’ll find the best land sale in Queensland at the best price, managed by a team of residential land sales experts.

Southeast Queensland is teeming with exquisite land that attracts movers and investors from all over the country.

However, buying or selling land at the best price is not always easy. As the competition becomes more and more aggressive, both land developers and homebuilders risk losing their chances of securing land at ideal locations or within realistic price brackets without professional support.

Without the right support, this can result in poor decision making that ultimately leads to the squandering of valuable resources. In worst cases, the mismatch can cause the entire development project to fail, wasting decades’ worth of investments. When it comes to land sales in Brisbane, professional support is imperative. Large investments, such as a land sale in QLD, involve immense funds and efforts. You will need all the expert help you can muster to succeed in your endeavour.


Lion Land Marketing is here to make a difference.

Our team consists of exceptional real estate agents, specialising in land sales. We possess the right skills and years of experience you need to have your land effectively marketed and sold. We can also help you find and purchase the residential land for sale in Queensland that best suits your needs.

For land developers, we also have a wide selection of development land for sale in strategic locations across the state. Most of them are in close proximity to basic establishments, but significantly distant from the loud and high-stress environment of bustling metros. Each development land for sale we offer provides the perfect setting for suburban lifestyle. It’s no surprise that our acreage land deals greatly appeal to families in search of opportunities in a peaceful but fun-filled neighbourhood.

Whether the property you are eyeing is in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, or in the wider Queensland area, we’ve got all your needs covered from marketing to closing the deal.

Land is opportunity

A space to build your dream home: an investment you can see and touch.

Whether you have land for sale or are looking to buy, Lion Land Marketing will provide you with the best advice and apply their specialised skills to ensure you land the best deal at the best price to get you towards your goal sooner - a pocket of paradise you can call your own.

If you’re not confident in your purchase plan, consult with one of our land specialists to gather more useful insights. Stop second guessing what changes are likely to take place in the demographics of your target area for development and take advantage of the wisdom available in our arsenal to help make an investment that you will feel proud of.

Over 30 Years of Experience

Over 30 Years of Experience

We are the land experts across South East Queensland with over 30 years of experience in buying and selling land to match the right space to the right person and project. We leverage our extensive knowledge of Queensland’s real estate market with our advanced research and comparison technology to create unique sale and purchase opportunities for our clients.

Proven Marketing Strategies

Proven Marketing Strategies

Protecting our clients’ interest is one of our most important commitments which is why our program also offers developers several Exit Strategies. Our experienced sales team have proven themselves to sell land in Queensland at the best market price in quicker time frames.

Established Relationships

Established Relationships

With vast experience and an outstanding track record in residential and acreage land sales, we've become highly respected in the industry by developers and builders alike. We are also the residential land expert of choice for families looking to invest in vacant land where they can construct their dream homes.

Contact our team today to get your land on the market (and sold faster!)

What Sets Our Team Apart

We at Lion Land Marketing are all goal-oriented visionaries. The success we are enjoying as a business today is the fruit of over 30 years of hard work and commitment to providing property buyers, sellers, and developers with opportunities to save money on any land for sale in Queensland.

For property sellers and developers, we offer highly efficient marketing programs that can help generate land sales fast. We even pair this program with Exit Strategies to ensure that you will be safe from uncertainties in the sales process. The Exit Strategies are a pre-planned means of extrication when the situation between you and the buyer or vice-versa becomes undefined.

It has always been our mission to help Aussies maximise the most fertile and liveable regions of the country, particularly QLD. Whether you’re buying or selling, we work hand in hand with over 700 builders, developers, and agents to deliver the best single block and multi-stage property solutions.

We pride ourselves on always being very easy to reach. if you’re looking to buy land in Brisbane or South East Queensland and you want to learn more than what is contained in our gallery, you can get in touch with us in an instant. Visit our Contact page to fill out the form or contact us via phone or email. Our team will be more than glad to address your concerns and increase your knowledge of the real estate market.

Beach Sand

A Large Database of Land Buyers and Builders

Our network of buyers and developers offers a great opportunity for sellers to enjoy maximum exposure, which could later translate to faster sales.

Listing your land with Lion Land Marketing gives you a better chance to make money out of your property very quickly, allowing you to seamlessly move on to your next project.

Lion Land Marketing has been serving and growing its network in prominent areas throughout Queensland including the regions of Logan, Ipswich, Scenic RimSomerset, and Brisbane. If you are looking to buy land in Brisbane or Queensland, and want to know more about us and our services, get in touch by visiting our Contact page and filling out the form.

You may also call us at 07 3279 7718 / 0409 496 066 or send us an email at

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