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Property Market Insights: The Right Advice When Investing in Brisbane Real Estate

Interesting facts about the real estate market in Brisbane:

They say slow and steady wins the race, and it seems to be the outcome for land for sale in Brisbane. For years, the property market of Queensland’s capital city has grown modestly as we watched other major capital cities experience their enormous rises in housing values that were regarded as an unprecedented property boom … until the tides turned. Sydney and Melbourne property markets have now entered dramatic downward phases, showing huge declines in dwelling prices, while Brisbane continues its slow and steady growth. Therefore, Brisbane is a very safe city to invest in Real Estate, rather than the boom and bust cities.

If you hear reports that the property prices in Australia have gone down, this is based on the Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Gold Coast markets. The Brisbane market is a lot more stable than those mentioned as the other property prices can be very high and come crashing down. There are a large number of people who are moving from Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to Brisbane because of the favourable climate and lower property prices.

As other capital city markets are struggling, experts believe that Brisbane is now an ‘investment hub’ and is rising as one of today’s best-performing capital city markets with a great potential for future growth. Brisbane also receives a great number of migrants from all over the world which helps to keep the market more stable with a steady increase in the property values. More families and retirees from the southern cities are moving to places like Brisbane in the South East of Queensland to cash-in on a lifestyle in the sun. This has made this area the number one destination for internal migration.

New figures also reveal Brisbane house prices have hit a new record high with the latest Real Estate Institute of Queensland’s (REIQ) Market Monitor, released in June 2019. This Monitor shows the annual median house prices within the Brisbane local government area rose again in the past 12 months. That is 27 straight quarters of growth, making Brisbane the best performing capital city in Australia.

Brisbane house prices have progressively increased since 2012 according to the REIQ which has protected it from the boom and bust cycles of other cities. Despite flood events and the end of the mining boom, Brisbane has seen a median price growth of almost 40 per cent within the past 10 years, according to Propertyology’s Simon Pressley.

Buyers and renters continue to flock into Brisbane as the ‘leading markets’ of Sydney and Melbourne become more unattainable due to very high prices. Not only are investors seeing the Sunshine State capital as a safe investment location, but a growing number are also choosing to migrate to take advantage of the substantial value gap, as well as Queensland’s desirable lifestyle and strengthening economy.

The Brisbane property market certainly has good fundamentals for property investment, including affordability, lifestyle, and economic and population growth, making it one of the top locations for wealth-creation today. While Brisbane performance had not been booming, investors could relax knowing that its property market has been growing steadily.

Insights into the Brisbane Market:

Lion Realty can help you understand all aspects of the Brisbane real estate market, ensuring you make informed decisions before investing. You need to understand what tenants are looking for, and when the time comes to sell your investment property, and what the Australian buyers are interested in. It is also crucial to know what type of land for sale and where will maximise your capital growth, whether it be a choice to invest in an apartment, townhouse, units, or a free-standing house. This decision is likely to be influenced by the amount of money you are prepared to invest. By taking note of our advice and suggestions, we can show you the right path to the perfect property, guaranteeing you become one of our satisfied investors.

Property Type:

Free standing houses with some yard space are still the most popular with the majority of people in Brisbane and the rest of Australia, including tenants. The capital growth of houses is generally greater than apartments, townhouses, and units. This is because the land increases in value, rather than the building.


Some investment marketers push investors into areas about 50 kilometres or further from the Brisbane city where there are estates with a higher number of low-cost vacant blocks of land. In these areas the capital growth is potentially very low or even in some cases can be negative. It can be very difficult to find tenants in these areas and the house can stay vacant for a prolonged period of time. These marketers work in these areas because it is easy for them to sell investment properties where there is a large amount of land available and the investment property package is a lower price than in the better areas. Investing in these outer areas can create problems with selling in the future. Lion Realty will help you see through this hype and guide you to a far more safe investment.

Purchasing Restrictions:

Investors who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents can only buy new properties that have not yet been constructed, are currently under construction, or have not been lived in.

Lion Realty working with Developers Australia wide:

Lion Realty is not tied to one single developer but is working with a large number of developers and builders right through the South East Queensland area, which includes Brisbane. We also have developers in other cities in Australia, which allows us to be able to show you quality investment properties in different price brackets and areas. We will always find a property that works for you and provide you with a steady rental income and capital growth.

Property Management:

Through our highly experienced property manager, we will source respectable and reliable tenants for your investment. It is so important to us to offer you the right advice and best service, so that you will feel completely comfortable to recommend other investors to our service. We call that a win/win, and the only way for us to do business.

If you decide you want to invest in an apartment, townhouse, unit, or property in another city in Australia, we can help and guide you to the best property in your budget where you can expect capital growth and great tenants.

Brisbane, the Capital City of Queensland:

As the third largest city in Australia and the capital of Queensland, Brisbane is the gateway to the unspoilt picturesque Moreton Bay Islands and an hour away from Australia’s favourite holiday playgrounds – the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. The popular city of Brisbane has over 2.4 million residents. Sophisticated galleries, subtropical beaches and cool-climate vineyards all form part of the greater Brisbane region as well as a flourishing restaurant, bar, and cultural scene.

South Bank is Brisbane’s premier lifestyle and cultural destination and within this area is the Queensland Museum and ‘Sciencentre’ with popular interactive exhibitions, the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, and other major Australian contemporary museums.

Overlooking the city is the stunning Mount Coot-Tha, showing panoramic views of the city out to the Moreton Bay region with its striking hinterland ranges and pristine waterways.

Brisbane’s beautiful subtropical climate remains comfortably predictable and rarely deviates from the 20-30 degree temperatures year-round. This wonderful weather enables residents and visitors to enjoy the surroundings, entertainment offerings, and activities available in Brisbane and beyond at all times throughout the year – there’s no down-time or off-season here!

Further north by 220 kilometres and just off the coast of Hervey Bay is the largest sand island in the world and camping and ecotourism destination, Fraser Island. 360 kilometres north, off the coast of Bundaberg is the start of the Great Barrier Reef, which extends all the way to the tip of Queensland.

Brisbane is the perfect base to access these internationally-renowned wonders of the world, connected by domestic flights and upgraded motorways, making everything within reach.