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Top Questions You Should Ask When Assessing Land for Sale in Brisbane

Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful things a person can experience. But it’s a different story if you are moving to a beautiful place like Brisbane where some of the country’s best walking trails and picnic spots can be found. This proud capital of the Sunshine State also boasts a low cost of living and a steady property market, all the more reason to make it your new home.

But how can you find the best land for sale in Brisbane? That’s a tough question to answer if you have limited knowledge of the property market. Your best hope for a successful property purchase is to have a seasoned real estate agent work with you. It wouldn’t be ideal, though, if you let the agent do all the work. Of course, you have a key role to play in the process. Part of that is asking questions. An inquisitive buyer usually gets the best deal. But what questions should you ask?

How long has the land been on the market?

Each land for sale Brisbane has to offer is most likely listed with a real estate broker. This means details of the property are accessible to all buyers doing an online search. So it can be quite bothersome if no one has shown interest in buying it after at least two months of being listed. That should be a red flag that the property might have a certain issue other buyers are trying to avoid.

Why is the land being sold?

Ask the vendor why they are selling the land. Did they encounter issues that pushed them to the wall? Has there been an incident on the land that they are not telling you? Apart from the vendor, it would definitely help to also ask the neighbours as well. Even if what they will tell you is only a rumour, you cannot just write it off. After all, rumours are almost always half true so they should still be factored in your final decision.

Is there a structure in the property that needs remodelling?

If the land has a house or any structure on it, better check it out first before closing the deal. It might not be as it appears in the photos. The last thing you want is a structure that needs major renovation as that could be a huge addition to the overall cost of the land. It could even be worse if the structure is beyond repair and has to be dismantled altogether.

Is it close to basic establishments?

Well, this is a no-brainer since it is Brisbane you are relocating to and basic services here are quite accessible even to the suburbs but ask it anyway to make sure. Some areas, particularly at the outskirts, may be too far from the nearest hospital, police station, or grocery store. If you don’t have a problem with that, then this aspect shouldn’t influence your purchase much.

These are only some of the basic questions you can ask either the agent or the owner to find out more information about the property you are eyeing. Don’t be afraid to ask. Especially because property purchase is a major investment, you have to be careful with the decisions you will make. The expertise of a certified real estate agent from companies like Lion Land Marketing can definitely come in handy.



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