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Land for Sale in Queensland: How Does Selling Land Differ from Selling a House?

One of the biggest mistakes Aussies with land for sale in Queensland make is selling their land as if they are selling a house. While a house for sale usually comes with the lot where it is built on, its sale is quite different from that of an idle parcel of land. Knowing the difference is key to your land sale success.

Land Buyers vs. Home Buyers

To identify the difference, start by identifying what a potential buyer needs. You’ll notice that a person buying land has a different set of needs and preferences from one buying a house, and that’s primarily due to what they want to use the property for.

Generally, home buyers are looking for property where they can settle in instantly, while land buyers are looking for property that they can customise. The former obviously wants the property for residential purposes, while the latter may want it for other purposes, such as commercial or agricultural. Anticipating the buyer’s reason for buying would give you an idea how to stage, advertise, and sell your property.

Sales Technique

Unlike a house, which has different amenities that you can flaunt to attract potential buyers, a parcel of land for sale in QLD has nothing on it. But it doesn’t matter because, after all, it’s the land you are selling not what’s on it. So what can you include in your ads when you have the property listed? The basic aspects buyers are expected to look at include zoning, the location’s growth potential, soil quality, proximity to a body of water and basic establishments, the condition of the surrounding area, and buildability.

Narrowing your market also helps simplify your marketing strategy. For instance, if your land is located in an area zoned as agricultural, then expect most interested buyers to be farmers. This means your ads should concentrate on aspects that would be useful for farmers, such as the land’s elevation, proximity to water supply, and soil quality.

Selling Land Takes Longer

The land market is less vibrant than the housing market and there’s a good reason for that. According to some recent studies, there are fewer buyers of vacant lots than buyers of homes. This is to be expected considering the sense of urgency involved in home buying. This is exactly why it also takes longer to sell land than to sell a house. The famous adage “patience is a virtue” applies in every aspect of this kind of affair.

With all these complexities in selling land, you should be more adamant about hiring an agent to help you out. You simply can’t do this alone without possibly making mistakes that you will regret. An agent can help you see the big picture, create and implement a sales strategy that works, and sell your land fast.