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Slope Orientation

The Importance of Slope Orientation when Buying Land for Sale in QLD

Sloping is one factor that should influence your choice when buying land for sale around QLD. Regardless of the type of construction that will be put up on that parcel, analyse the slope angle carefully before making an offer. Builders have many ways of designing buildings to fit the gradient of the block, but in some instances, that means more work. When you understand how the slope orientation will play into the construction, it will be less complicated to find land for sale in Queensland that meets your requirements. Here is why the slope of a land block should matter.

Property Design

The contours of the land will affect how you design your home or commercial building. If you are working with a prefab design, then you have to make certain that the land aligns with every line on the plan. Alternatively, you may need a customised building plan to correspond with the different angles of the slope. For instance, if there is a steep slope in the living area, then stairs will be necessary to cover the height difference. For commercial properties, designers can use steep slopes for underground garages or storage units.


Sloping blocks can increase the cost of the construction because you may have to spend more to create a solid foundation. Steep slopes are prone to soil erosion, meaning the foundation will demand more than the standard work to ensure stability and safety. A home may need elevated decks so that the floors can be at par with the street level. If you don’t intend to alter the design of the house, the slope will need to be cut and filled, meaning it requires extra time and money to complete the construction project. For this reason, your budget for land must factor in the additional expenses.

Sun Exposure

Depending on the gradient of the slope, parts of your home may not receive sufficient natural light. Even though the slope may not be too sharp, the surrounding features or other properties may cut off sun exposure. For a homeowner who intends to harness solar power, inadequate sun exposure will be a huge inconvenience. Poor sunlight is also a problem when you have a conservatory or garden.

The slope of a piece of land for sale QLD may allow you to create a uniquely designed home or commercial building, but it can also increase construction costs.

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