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How to Stage Your Land for Sale in Brisbane

Selling a piece of land is different from selling a house. Your target audience is different, the demand is lower, and staging it can be tricky. Even in Brisbane, where the economy is stable and lands for sale are situated in the best locations, selling can still be challenging. You must be ready to learn not just the paperwork it entails but also the tedious process of staging your property. Here are some helpful tips for you.

Clean It Up

Just as you wouldn’t leave dirty laundry or dishes in an open house, you have to make sure that your land for sale in Brisbane is free of garbage, rubble, or anything that can turn off potential buyers. If the fence is broken, fix it and make sure it looks strong and stable. Your land must also be free of piles or rocks and soil, and if those came from a recent excavation that was put off, fill the pit up with it. Get rid of old vehicles and machinery that are laying idle on the land. Or if you can’t get rid of them quickly, transfer them to a place where potential buyers will not see them.

Plant Flowering Plants

While well-trimmed lawn may be a nice sight to boast when presenting a piece of parcel to a potential buyer, it pales in comparison to a land full of flowering grass and plants. Buyers love to see land that is filled with bees and butterflies attracted to the flowering plants, as it gives the impression that the land is fertile, and they can grow plants on it themselves someday.

Install a Fence

While surveying is required when selling a piece of land, it wouldn’t hurt to give buyers a good sense of how big the property is by installing at the very least a temporary fence. Rather than describe your property’s dimensions verbally using the inaccurate gestures, a fence says it all. Even if there may be slight error in your measurement, buyers may still find a fence helpful in their decision-making.

Use Well-Angled but Honest Photos

When listing your property, you will have to post photos of it that provide potential buyers with as much factual information about your property as they need. Don’t tamper the photos just to attract buyers. Use a high-definition camera to make sure the photos are of high quality and make sure images are properly angled to show all of the land’s important features.

To help you stage your land for sale in Brisbane, contact a trusted property agent, such as Lion Land Marketing. Although the tips above can help you conceptualise a good way to stage your land, an expert property agent may have even better ideas that you can use to expedite the sale.