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Find the Perfect Buyer for Your Land for Sale in Brisbane Faster than Your Neighbours

Find the Perfect Buyer for Your Land for Sale in Brisbane Faster than Your Neighbours

Anyone who has previously experienced selling a parcel of land could attest to how hard it is
to find a suitable buyer. In fact, they say that selling land is even more difficult than selling a
house because there’s a very small market to promote to. Even if the land sits in a
convenient location within a nice city like Brisbane, there’s no guarantee that you can sell
fast, unless you do these few tricks.

Make Your Land Presentable

Just as you can increase your chance of selling a house by doing some makeovers to it, you
can drive potential buyers to your land for sale in Brisbane by spiffing it up. Most buyers look
beyond basic qualities like elevation and slope and opt for land that has been well
manicured. Regardless of your land’s intended use, cleaning it up by removing dead tree
stumps and cutting tall grass that might be blocking the view and making it look small, could
help attract potential buyers. Planting a variety of wildflowers can also enhance the land’s

Put Up Some Interesting Signs

A vacant land isn’t particularly the most interesting thing for people to check out because
there’s literally nothing there to see. But if you put up witty or funny signs like “I’m Prettier
than Your Ex-Land” or “Husband Left Us for a 20 Year Old, Need to Sell Fast”, you’ll have a
better chance of getting people to have a look. That’s because humans have the natural
instinct of wanting to take part in strange things. Even non-buyers who happen to drive by
and spot your signs would even take photos and post them on social media, saving you the
time for promotion.

Don’t Look Too Far

Sometimes, we fail to find what we are looking for because we ignore the things that are
close to us. Many land sellers, when asked who they expect to inspect and purchase their
property, almost immediately think of people from outside the city who might be planning to
move in. They forget about the locals who may want to buy property as well, especially their
neighbours. Before you set off to promote your land for sale elsewhere, talk to your
neighbours first. You might be surprised how long they’ve been waiting for you to sell your
property so they can expand.

Hire a Property Agent

If, after doing all these tips, you still can’t find a buyer, it’s time to call in the experts to help
you out. Hire a real estate agent who knows the way around selling land in the part of
Brisbane your property is located. A well-versed agent knows where your land should be
listed, when to put out promotion for it, and what strategy can effectively hook prospective
buyers to check it out. Not only will you be able to take the burden off your shoulders, but
you can also rest assured that there’s a guarantee of finding a buyer fast.

Unfortunately, not all real estate agents are good. Some lack the experience or are new in
Brisbane so they have limited knowledge of the background of each individual property. By
working with a company like Lion Land Marketing, who’s been selling land in Queensland for
years, you can have guaranteed successful sale.


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