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Land for Sale in Queensland

Checking Land for Sale in QLD: Why Location Matters When Buying Land

When purchasing residential land for sale in Queensland, one of the most important decisions you need to make is where you want to live. The location you choose will determine the future value of your property and many aspects of your everyday life. Real estate agents advise investors to build their homes in great neighbourhoods to get great returns on investments. If the block purchased is sketchy, the property owner could have a difficult time reselling at a decent price.


You want to build your home where there is zero or very low crime rate. There are many facts and crime statistics readily available online, and you can also get this data from the local police. A safe environment will allow you to freely walk around and interact with the neighbours without worrying about your or your family’s safety. Understand that a neighbourhood can feel comfortable during the day but disconcerting at night. So you should also visit the area at different times to get an accurate picture of its character. You may also want to check how well lit the location is at night since such details are hardly noticeable during the day.

Additionally, when considering a piece of land for sale in QLD, think of your purchase from a future seller’s perspective by investing in an environment where there are schools even if you do not plan to have kids. Young families tend to buy second homes at some point, particularly in locations near a school that their kids can attend. Also, the further you live from the subway or the bus stop, the less valuable your home is to buyers who plan on commuting to and from work or school. A good location should have easy access to public transportation.

Proximity to Work

The time it takes for you to get to work can have a major impact on your disposable income and the quality of life you live. It is up to you to consider if you plan to work in the same place for the long-term or not. Also, if your relatives live too far away from the place you intend to build your home, the location may not feel too homey. If you’re close with your family and plan to build where you can see them often–yet they don’t have permanent homes and may move at some point–then you must ensure it is not your only reason for determining location. After narrowing down the factors that are important to your purchase, research the location widely, to ensure you get exactly what you want and at a good price.


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