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4 Great Business Ideas for Vacant Land for Sale in Brisbane

Have you ever been to a place that made you think of moving and reconsidering your plans for retirement? That’s exactly what you would feel when you go to Brisbane. The cosy climate, pristine beaches, and great business opportunities – everything about this lovely city is just enticing. When you finally decide to buy land for sale in Brisbane, here are some great ideas to make the most out of your new parcel.

Plant Nursery

Nothing helps you breathe easier in an industrialized city than having ornamental plants around the house. Even a handful of pots can turn a suffocating room into a comfy living space. Brisbane is a fine mix of modern structures and greenery, but most residents love to see their home with undergrowth. You can take advantage of this by converting your newly-bought land into a plant nursery where you can sell plants at the front or deliver to a roadside plant market.

Pop-Up Facility

Brisbane locals love festivities. They would go to great lengths just to come and relish new experiences. You can delight them by hosting pop-up shops and events on your newly-bought land. Not only will you help keep your neighbourhood lively, but you will also help small businesses earn some money. You don’t have to do it all year round. A few times a year, probably during special occasions, would be enough. Then you can use your land for other things in between these events.

Parking Lot

Depending on the location of your land, you can take advantage of traffic and people’s parking needs to generate additional income. Simply convert your newly-bought land into a parking space and you are all set to become the next neighbourhood millionaire. Not only is parking space profitable but it’s also easy and cheap to run and maintain.

Roadside Attraction

Brisbane boasts a copious selection of tourist attractions from the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary nestled on the riverside to the Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art at Stanley Place. It doesn’t hurt to add one more. You can convert your parcel into a roadside attraction, perhaps a park or recreational area where exhausted motorists, local families, and tourists can relax and eat.

Before you get too excited about investing in a land for sale in Brisbane, make sure to find a trusted real estate broker first. Partnering with a company like Lion Land Marketing can help you find the perfect location for your preferred business. Their vast network of property sellers and amazing listing services make property search a breeze for both buyers and sellers.



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