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5 Questions to Ask before Acquiring Land for Sale in Brisbane

Land is one of the very few types of assets that appreciate overtime. It’s no wonder many Australians consider it to be a lucrative investment. This, however, shouldn’t be a reason to take lightly the process of buying land for sale in Brisbane. Each parcel of land is different, which means not all of them may suit your specific needs. To find the right one, you have to obtain reliable answers to at least these six questions.

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Where is the land located?

When it comes to land purchase, location is everything. Even in a desirable city like Brisbane there are locations that are disadvantageous for land buyers. Make sure that the land you’ll choose is in close proximity to public transports and business establishments, or to your target market if you are planning to transform the land into an income generator.

What is the land’s zoning?

Just because you own your land doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with it. Each city implements zoning rules that limit the type of development owners can do to their property. If you are buying land for a very specific purpose, make sure that the property you are looking at has flexible zoning.

What overlays surround the land?

To secure a sale, some land sellers lie about the true features of their property. It’s a good thing the government of Brisbane has meticulously mapped overlays across the city. Overlays are signs that show a property’s unique characteristics. They tell you if the land belongs to a biodiversity area, if its location is prone to bushfires or landslides, if it’s surrounded by bicycle lanes, and more.

What is the shape of the land?

Beware of ads that only show square footage and not a single photo of the bird’s eye view of the land. Two blocks of land with the same area may not have the same shape. You don’t want to buy a 20,000 square feet of land that’s just 100 feet wide. Ideally, the sides of the property must be as similar in length as possible.

What is the slope of the land?

Some ads or listings suspiciously show just the bird’s eye view of the land to hide its slope. After all, lands that are too inclined or have uneven portions don’t attract buyers. This is why it is very important that you visit and survey the property rather than just rely on photos you see online.

Hiring a real estate agent from top companies like Lion Land Marketing saves you the trouble of taking all of these factors into account. They can do the hard work for you. And considering their vast knowledge of the property market in Brisbane and the surrounding areas, they have a better chance than you are at finding land for sale in Brisbane that’s perfect for your needs.